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  • Completed Installation
  • Original Septic Tank
  • Works Underway
  • Nearing Completion

Project: National Trust - Dewerstone, Plymouth

ALRO breathes new life into the former Dewerstone Quarry Counting House near Goodameavy in the heart of the Dartmoor National Park

The old Dewerstone Counting House now known as Dewerstone Cottage is situated in the heart of the environmentally sensitive National Trust woodland between Goodameavy and Shaugh Prior. Dewerstone Cottage was the former counting house, stables and smithy for the local quarries.

The Cottage had remained disused for some time and will now be brought back into use as an outward bound centre. ALRO 2002 Ltd. facilitated the revitalization of the Cottage by achieving Planning Permission and Environment Agency discharge consent for a modern, state-of-the-art, Sewage Treatment Plant.

A Klargester BC Biodisc Rotary Biological Contactor was the selected treatment plant designed to treat the sewage effluent to the current discharge standards required by the Environment Agency and European legislation. ALRO Services Ltd. installed the new treatment plant inside the old brick built septic tank to limit the environmental impact in the area and now operates and maintains the system for the National Trust.

In addition, a sewer survey was undertaken by ALRO Services Ltd. and analysed by ALRO 2002 Ltd. The survey showed the old sewer network on the site required an amount of rehabilitation. The rehabilitation works were carried out by the contracting arm ALRO Services Ltd.