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  • Treatment System Compound
  • Compound after Strimming
  • Replacement Underway
  • The Completed Repair

Project: Farm Treatment System Blower Repair

Following an unfortunate incident with a mower, ALRO were called-out to an estate farm in East Devon to carry-out repairs.

The Blower serving an aeration-type Packaged Treatment System was mistakingly run-over by a mowing machine leaving the housing for the Blower completely destroyed.

Aeration Treatment System Blowers (air compression pumps) are often found installed seperately from the Treatment Systems they serve in free-standing housings. This particular site was no exception, however due to excessive undergrowth the housing itself was at the time of the incident completely hidden from view.

After an initial assessment was carried-out and the exposed live wiring made safe, a return visit was scheduled. The decision was made to construct a sturdy concrete plinth upon which to site the housing, which was intended to provide future resiliance.

Our junior engineer was tasked with constructing the plinth, along with installing the replacement Blower, electrical components and associated repairs.

The task was completed to a typically high standard of which our engineer could be proud.