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  • Before
  • Refurbishment Underway
  • New Motor Installed
  • After

Project: Biodisc Refurbishment Works

After years of limited maintenance, this Klargester Biodisc was refurbished to a high standard by the ALRO Service Department.

The new management of a Public House in Cornwall requested that their Sewage Treatment System be returned to correct operating condition.

Half-buried beneath the undergrowth lurked a Klargester Biodisc in need of some attention.

Assessment by our Senior Engineer indicated that several key components would need to be replaced including the Motor Gearbox, Drive Chain and RBC (Rotating Biological Contactor) Shaft Bearings.

Once permission from the client was received, our engineers soon attended to carry-out the requested works.  Various more minor adjustments were required to ensure full operational status was restored, including a re-balancing of the RBC and fitment of automatic grease cartridges.

To conclude the repairs the system covers were pressure-washed down, leaving the Biodisc with a transformed appearance as well as functionallity.